lihbr utils for Nuxt.js

@lihbr/utils-nuxt.env configures an object from available environment variables to quickly setup a Nuxt.js application.

Out of current packages, this one is probably the less agnostic one, I definitely need to figure out a way to make it more agnostic and actually usable.

Quickly get all the info you need to kickstart your Nuxt.js application


Add @lihbr/utils-nuxt.env dependency to your project:

yarn add --dev @lihbr/utils-nuxt.env
npm install --save-dev @lihbr/utils-nuxt.env


Inside your nuxt.config.js file:

const envConfig = require("@lihbr/utils-nuxt.env");
const pkg = require("./package.json");

const env = envConfig(pkg, settings, GLOBAL_CONTENT);

export default {
  /* your Nuxt.js configuration */
  /* you can used parsed values from `env` in it */
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